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290 Ton Injection Molding Machine

Clamping Force: 2900kN
Shot Weight: 721/845/980g
Tie Bar Space: 630×630mm
Mold Height: 230-630mm
Motor Type: Servo Motor
Power System: Hydraulic
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290 Ton Injection Molding Machine Specification

Screw Diametermm60/65/70
Screw L/D RatioL/D22.8/21/19.5
Injection Volumecm3792/929/1077
Shot Weightg721/845/980
Injection PressureMpa207/176/152
Clamping ForceKN2900
Opening Strokemm610
Mould Thickness (Min-Max)mm230-630
Space Between Tie-Barsmm630×630
Hydraulic EjectionKN70
Ejector Strokemm165
Motor PowerKW26
System PressureMpa16
Machine Dimensionm6.73×1.54×2.30
Machine WeightT9.5
Mould Orientation Ring DiametermmΦ160
Nozzle RadiusmmSR15

290 Ton Injection Molding Machine Features

high speed injection machine

Injection System

•Double Cylinder Balanced Injection Structure
•High Quality Nitride Steel Plasticizing Screw Barrel
•Timing Heating Function Anti Screw Cold Starting
•High Torque Hydraulic Motor Drive
•Screw Retraction Anti-salivation Device
•Double Injection Shift Cyltinder Design
•High Rigid Pedestal Support Structure
•Nozzle To Center Trimming Device
•High Precision Electronic Ruler
high speed injection machine

Control System

•High Response Control Computer
•Intelligent SPC Quality Management
•Multiple Languages Support
•LCD Color Screen
•Simple Robot Electrical Interface
•Parameter Data Protection Lock
•PLD Temperature Automatic Control
•Mold Parameter Backup USB Interface
•Front And Rear Door Emergency Stop Switch
high speed injection machine

Clamping System

•Five Fulcrum Oblique Double Toggle
•Clamping Plate And End Board Conjucted Structure
•High Precision Low Pressure Protection Die Function
•Hydraulic Motor Drives Automatic Gear Die Setting
•Self-detector Volumetric Centralized Lubrication System
•Mechanical And Electrical Double Safety Protection
•Automatic Safety Door Control
•High-precision Electronic Ruler
•Available Multiple Ejection Modes
high speed injection machine

Hydraulic System

•High Efficiency Servo Energy Saving System
•Oil Temperature Detection
•Oil Temperature Deviation Automatic Alarm
•Motor Overload Protection Function
•2 Sets Hydraulic Core Pulling
•Standard Bypass Filter
•Mold Cooling Water Drain

Auxliary Equipments for 290 Ton Injection Molding Machine

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