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50Ton Cooling Tower

Rate Of Flow (m³/h)39.2
Blowing Rate(m³/h)19800
Diameter Of Tower(mm)1830
Tower Height (mm)1940
Fan Diameter (mm)930
Power Of Motor(kw)1.5
Inlet Pipe Diameter (mm)80
Outlet Pipe (mm)80
Water Drainpipe (mm)25
Overflow Pipe (mm)25
Water Refills Pipe(mm)15
Net Weight (kg)210
Running Weight (kg)1050
Pump Rate Of Flow (m³/h)40
Pump Head Of Delivery (m)120
Pump Power (kw)3
Pump Pipe Diameter (mm)DN65
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Cooling Tower Features

100% Copper Motor

1.Strict Inspection, Slow Speed
2.More Stable, Waterproof
3.Less Loss Of Floating Water

FRP Material

1.No Gypsum Powder, Firmer And Stable
2.Anti Freezing And Sun Protection
2.Anti-aging, Colourfast, Corrosion resistant

Rapid Cooling

1. Thickened three-dimensional air inlet screen
2. Optimised air inlet, drenching and water distribution device
3. Significantly reducing wind resistance

Easy installation

1. Step by Step video tutorial
2. Video call guidance from Engineer 
3. Layout and connect drawings

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