Drywall anchors making machines

In this article we will talk about drywall anchors making machine, will cover several topics including machines list, costs, operators, power, ect.

what is drywall anchors?

Drywall anchors, aslo called wall anchors. They are used to hold the fastener steady, then distribute pressure to the drywall, spreading its load to a wider area.

If you don’t know how to us it, you could read this article How to Use a Drywall Anchor.

Drywall anchors making machine

what machines are needed to make drywall anchors?

Drywall anchors are made by injection molding machines. Generally speaking, there are several machines, including drywall anchor injection molding machine, material loading machine, material drying machine, and color mixer machine.

Herein, we will list all the machines below.

200 TON SERVO MACHINE210 Ton Injection Moulding Machine39,500.00
260 TON SERVO MACHINE260 Ton Injection Moulding Machine44,860.00
Autoloader 1.5P-EUH1.5 hp 450kg vacuum loader700.00
Color Mixer HHS-100EB100kg plastic color mixer1,110.00
Hopper dryer HHD-100E100kg hopper dryer610.00
Air Chiller 5HP5hp air chiller2,320.00
Cooling Tower 30T30T Cooling Tower950.00
Crusher HSS-300A3hp crusher1,500.00

What materials are needed to make drywall anchors?

There are several materials to make drywall anchors, such as nylon, pp, and pe material.

pp material for drywall anchors

How many operators are needed to operate a drywall anchors making machine?

Generally 1 operator for a machine. If you equip a robot arm, you don’t need operators.

But you still need some operators to pack the drywall anchors.

How big space is needed to install those drywall anchors making machines?

Drywall anchors making machines are not very big, if you just buy one machine, don’t take up a large space. 

How big a plant you will need according to your daily production capacity. So please feel free to consult us about the plant area.

How many languages do these drywall anchor making machines support?

The drywall anchor making machines support a large number of languages including Chinese, English, Russian, French, Arabic, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Turkish.

What’s the voltage and total power of these drywall anchor making machines

Drywall anchor making machines support 220v 50hz 3phase, 380v 50hz 3phase, 440v 60hz 3phase.

Chinese 3 phase voltage is 380v, 50hz, so standard machines all support this voltage. 

We need to equip a transformer to transform the voltage to match your country’s voltage.

The total power needed to sum up all the machines’ powers.

How to buy drywall anchor making machines from China?

Step 1. Send your drywall anchor samples to us

Step 2. Discuss and confirm the technical details

Step 3. Quote for you drywall anchor injection machine and mold price 

Step 4. Negotiate the price, shipment, payment terms

Step 5. Sign the proforma invoice

Step 6. Send 30% prepayment

Step 7. Start to make drywall anchor making machines and molds

Step 8. Mold test

Step 9. Send finished sample to customer

Step 10. Check the samples

Step 11. Send 70% balance

Step 12. Ship out drywall anchor making machines and molds

Step 13. Ship out drywall anchor making machines and molds

Step 14. Customs clearance

Step 15. Got machines


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