What is a PVC junction box making machine?​

To answer this question,firstly, we should know what a PVC junction box is.​

What is a junction box and what is for?​

A junction box is an enclosure housing electrical connections to protect the electrical connections from the wet, and avoid electric shocks accidents.​

electrical junction boxes
 junction box
 junction boxes

Why PVC junction box?​

There are several materials for junction boxes, such as ABS/PP/PC/PVC. ​

But why PVC materials for junction boxes? ​

PVC materials have many advantages for junction boxes. The best character is the cheap price. When making PVC junction boxes, suppliers often add Caco3(Calcium carbonate powder) into the materials, the proportion nearly 20%.​

Additionally, PVC materials have many other characteristics, such as high hardness, flame retardant, moisture resistant.​

If you want to open a factory to manufacture PVC junction boxes, you may be interested in those PVC junction box making machines.​

Let’s dive in.​

Herein, we take an example from our customer from Yemen, 4cavities pvc junction boxes​

PVC junction box making machine​

As we discussed in another article How to make PVC pipe fitting with injection molding machines, PVC materials has corrosion characteristics, so PVC electrical junction box making machine need equipped chrome plated barrel and screw.

Electrical junction box making needs high temperature and pressure, so the injection unit of the machine need to be larger than standard machines.

​Mold for PVC junction box making machine​

Because of the PVC material corrosion, we usually use s136 or 4Cr13 as molds core and cavity steel materials to anti HCL corrosion.

Auxiliary machines for PVC junction box making machine

we also equip auto loader, hopper dryer, edge crusher, robot arm, color mixer, cooling tower, chiller for PVC junction box injection machines.

​PVC junction box making machine​ price

The price of the PVC junction box making machine in the video nearly 40,000USD.

The machine price according to the PVC junction box size and mold size.

If the mold cavities are larger, the mold would be big, the machine size would also be big, the price would be expensive.

So if you are interested in these machines, pls feel free to contact us.