Many customers don’t know how to connect injection molding machines and cooling towers. Today we will give guidance. Before starting, you need to know some injection molding machines and cooing tower sizes.

  1. Heater exchanger water inlet/outlet
  2. Pipe diameter
  3. Pump inlet/outlet diameter
  4. Valve diameter

After confirming all these sizes, let’s start to connect those pipes.

1. Connect the heater exchanger water outlet into the cooling tower water inlet, keeping the pipe size consistent. The heater exchanger water outlet size may not be the same as the cooling tower water inlet, sometimes needing pipe fitting adapters.

2. Connecting the oil cooler water inlet with the pump water outlet, and installing a ball valve to control the water flow, also need to keep the pipe size consistent.

3. Connect the cooling tower water outlet with the pump water inlet and install a ball valve to control the water flow.

If you plan to use a water chiller to cool mold’s temperature, the water chiller also needs to connect to the cooling tower.