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Save more energy and power than standard machines
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Basket&Crate, Storage box, foldabe crate making machines
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6-7s cycle time for thin-wall products, like disposable lunch box, kinives, forks, spoons
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PET water bottles, oil bottles preform making machines
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Bucket Special Injection Machines for painting bucket from 5L-40L
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Injection Molding Solutions

Comprehensive guide to buy injection molding machines, auxliary equipments, molds.
Paint Bucket Molds: Everything You Need to Know
Paint bucket molds are an essential component in the manufacturing of paint buckets. These molds are used to create the shape and design of the bucket, and are made using materials such as HDPE, LDPE, or PP to ensure durability and stability. The bucket ha...
Screw barrel for injection moulding machine
The screw barrel for injection moulding machine is also one of the most vulnerable parts. A set of screws and barrels is a critical component in an injection moulding machine, as it is responsible for melting the plastic pellets and injecting them into the...
Standard mould loading and unloading procedure
Following an injection mould loading and unloading procedure properly is essential. Improper methods can lead to mould damage and costly repairs. This blog will discuss the proper procedures for loading and unloading an injection mould. Mould loading proce...
Injection moulding machine name list
Injection moulding machines are one of the most important pieces of equipment in the manufacturing industry. They are responsible for creating countless products that we use in our everyday lives. There are many different brands of injection moulding machi...
PVC electrical junction box making machine price
What is a PVC junction box making machine?​ To answer this question,firstly, we should know what a PVC junction box is.​ What is a junction box and what is for?​ A junction box is an enclosure housing electrical connections to protect the electrical ...
PVC fitting making machine-Beginner’s Guide
Many customers don’t know how to choose a PVC fitting making machine. PVC pipe fitting manufacturer machine comprehensive guide to make PVC PPR PE pipe fittings PVC pipe fitting manufacturer machine, yeah maybe you are looking for a machine for PVC p...
Injection molding machine maintenance pdf
In this article, we made an injection molding machine maintenance pdf checklist for operators to maintain their injection molding machines. According to this checklist, you will know where to check and maintain it. Lubrication System √Lubricating oil pip...