Many customers don’t know how to choose a PVC fitting making machine.

PVC pipe fitting manufacturer machine comprehensive guide to make PVC PPR PE pipe fittings PVC pipe fitting manufacturer machine, yeah maybe you are looking for a machine for PVC pipe fitting making.

If you want to start a new business in PVC pipe fitting making, you may be curious about how to make pipe fittings.

The PVC pipe fittings making process is different from the PVC pipe making process. A PVC injection moulding machine makes the PVC pipe fittings. However, PVC pipes are made by PVC extruder machines.

Pipe fittings types

What are the granulates used to make pipe fittings? There are three mainly granulates, PVC, PPR, PE. But their characteristics are different. Below, I will explain their pros and cons.

Granulates TypeProsConsApplication
PVC pipe fittingGood compressive strength Excellent corrosion resistance Cheap priceBad flexibility Not resistant to low temperaturesSewage pipe Industrial pipelines
PPR pipe fittingLightweight Corrosion resistant No scaling Long service life/House water supply pipe
PE pipe fittingHigh strength High-temperature resistance Corrosion resistance Non-toxicLow compressive and tensile strengthWater and gas pipelines

PVC pipe fittings

PVC pipe fittings are widely used in many industries, such as irrigation, underground sprinkler systems, swim pools, outdoor applications and cold water supply lines, and rainwater collection bucket systems. PVC pipe fittings also have many advantages, easy to install and corrosion resistance, high strength, and less weight than fittings made from metal.

PPR pipe fittings

While PPR pipe fittings are mainly used in the house water supply. PPR pipe fittings have many pros, such as lightweight, corrosion resistance, no scaling, and long service life.

PE pipe fittings

PE pipe fittings are used in water and gas piping because of their good quality, like high strength, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, etc.

ppr pipe fittings
pvc pipe fittings
pe pipe fittings
pe pipe fittings

How to make PVC/PPR/PE pipe fittings? The process is not simple but is also not very complicated. Let’s discuss it.

PVC pipe fitting manufacturing

PVC pipe fitting manufacturing is slightly different from other common plastic parts manufacturing. PVC granulates will produce hydrogen chloride gas (HCL) by decomposition when heated in screws and barrels.

So the screws of PVC injection machines are different from the screws of other plastic parts injection machines.

Besides PVC injection molding machines, PVC pipe fittings molds and other auxiliary machines are also needed.

PVC pipe fitting manufacturer machine

PVC pipe fitting manufacturer machine

PVC pipe fitting manufacturer machine has many differences from other types of injection machines. First, the screw is PVC special screw.

PVC special screw

As mentioned above, PVC special screws need corrosion protection characteristics to fight against hydrogen chloride gas.

Thus, PVC screws often need to be plated with chrome coating.

Furthermore, PVC granulates can’t bear high temperatures and pressure, the screw L/D is different.

In addition, the feeding zone and transition zone are shorter, the metering zone is longer.

PVC pipe fitting mould

Besides PVC injection molding machines, PVC pipe fitting mold is still needed.

Generally, PVC granulates contain U-PVC and C-PVC, U-PVC is hard PVC, and C-PVC is soft PVC.

CPVC and UPVC have corrosion characteristics, so we generally use 4cr13/2083/2316/S136 steels to make the PVC fitting moulds.

However, the above steel costs are expensive, so some customers want to use P20/718 steels instead, but P20/718 steel needs to be electroplated.

The electroplated layer is pretty thin, easy to damage and falls off.

As a consequence, it’s hard for customers to repair those PVC pipe fitting moulds.

pvc pipe fitting moulds

PPR pipe fitting manufacturing

PPR pipe fitting manufacturing is easy. PPR pipe fittings can be made by standard servo injection molding machines.

PPR pipe fitting molding machine

PPR pipe fitting molding machine is a standard servo injection molding machine. No need for a particular injection machine. PPR pellets don’t have corrosion characteristics.

PPR pipe fitting mould

PPR is not corrosive. The available choice of mold material is P20, 718, and H13. Adding additional heat treatment would be a better solution.

PE pipe fitting manufacturing

PE pipe fitting manufacturing is also the same as PPR pipe fitting manufacturing.

PE pipe fitting injection molding machine

PE pipe fitting injection molding machine is the same as PE pipe fitting injection molding machines, they don’t need special parts.

PE pipe fitting mould

PE granulates are not corrosive. The available choice of mold material is P20, 718, #45, and 40Cr steels. Considering mould costs, big PE pipe fittings molds generally are made by P20 and #45 steels.

Final thoughts

If you want to enter this pipe fitting manufacturing field, you need to know which types of pipe fittings to make. PVC pipe fittings, PPR pipe fittings, or PE pipe fittings.

PVC pipe fitting machine price

PVC pipe fitting machine’s price would be slightly higher than PPR and PE pipe fitting machines.

Because of PVC granulate’s corrosion quality, the PVC materials need to be tackled with special chrome-plated screws and mold steels.

However, PPR and PE pellets don’t have corrosion characteristics, so PPR and PE pipe fittings just need standard servo injection molding machines and molds to make.

The price of PPR and PE pipe fitting injection mold machines would be a little bit cheaper.

pipe fitting mold

As we mentioned, PVC pipe fittings are corrosive, so the PVC pipe fitting mold needs anti-corrosive steels such as 4cr13/2083/2316/S136 to make.

While PPR and PE pipe fitting molds often use common P20, 718, 45, and H13 steels to make.

cpvc pipe fittings machine

If you want to know more details about PVC, PPR, and PE pipe fitting manufacturing, feel free to contact us.